Upcoming Gigs

Some Shows on the horizon…

  • July 15 Valiant Swart Band Colesberg
  • July 16 Valiant Swart Band Aasvoel klub, Bloemfontein
  • July 21 Blues Broers trio at Balboa, Stellenbosch
  • July 23 Kitchen Jammers at Joostenberg, Stellenbosch
  • August 6 Gerald Clark Band and Schalk Joubert Band at Oppikoppi, Northem

Joostenberg gig

So we’re back at Joostenberg farm with the Kitchen Jammers this month. always a fun gig in their old barn. Very rural. Good wine. It’s not the deli with the same name It’s the farm.Joostenberg2-01

Liefde By Die Dam

Up at 3.30 AM to drive to the airport at 4. It all went well until we noticed Schalk wasn’t on the bus to the aircraft. He’d missed the check-in cutoff. He booked a later flight and arrived five minutes before we started. Thank God for a well-stocked backstage bar. It was hot for a mid-winters day. Big stage on scaffolding. Flew back that evening.